Encoding of Old Babylonian Text Corpus, OB Dictionary and List of OB Signs

The Old Babylonian Akkadian Texts in transliteration and other textual material on this site are because of the diacritical signs, emphatics etc. encoded in the Unicode UTF-8 standard.

If you would have any troubles to see special characters etc., just install a font with full support of Unicode encodings. In operating systems like Windows 9x and above you can use a font by Microsoft Arial Unicode MS, or you can look at a web page dedicated to possible problems connected with Unicode.

We tested following fonts, where the display of special characters was without problems found yet: Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode, Code2000 and Titus Cyberbit Basic. If you find other let us know, we will add them to the list.

We have had a possibility to test the readability on platforms MAC OS X and Linux RedHat with X-Windows and found no problems to view the special unicode characters there. Anyway we welcome any feedback in this or other respects.

If you would have any insoluble trouble with the display of special characters, don't hesitate and contact us on this e-mail address: administrator of OBTC with the short description of your operating system, web browser name and version and font used.