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išātum s. "fire", log. IZI [zatím 0]; nom. i-ša-tum na-ap-ḫa-at (AbB_8,28,9); gen. a-wi-lum šu-ú a-na i-ša-tim šu-a-ti in-na-ad-di (CH_IX,63-65), see (CH_V_r_r,31); acc. i-ša-tam ne-pé-ši-šu-nu id-du-ú-ma ma-ar-ri-šu-nu i-ša-ta-am šu-up-ši-ik-šu-nu D:BIL.GI it-ta-ak-šu (Atr_A_II,64-67).fr02satarumnasahum

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